I realized that I don’t need a smartwatch, and neither do you.

In many ways I have been fascinated with the sheer functional capabilities of wearing a full-fledged smartwatch on a daily basis. After toying with the idea of having a watch with smart capabilities by wearing and loving the Martian Notifier, it left me wanting more. As a result I have was able to use a LG Watch Urbane for the past few weeks in an attempt to quench my smartwatch thirst. While the LG Watch Urbane is a impressive piece of hardware, wearing a fully functional smartwatch everyday wasn’t as exciting as I thought or hoped it would be.

6093c379-aeb8-456a-85d8-ffa7cf682d99_1.0a2ca368add77b21c201ed1e17a75433The most exciting aspects of wearing the LG were the fact that I could have a stylish watch on my wrist that also gave me access to limited data from my phone. In practice all of these features worked perfectly. What I did fine however was that in my day to day usage, not much of this extra functionality was used except for the call and text notifications.

The most utilized feature ended up being the fitness tracking functionality. Of these features the only one that was used daily was the step tracking feature. The LG was great at being a routine step tracker but the only drawback was utilizing the Google Fit app on my phone to view the data. The app itself is quite plain when compared with apps that support other fitness trackers, so much so that it really is a detriment to utilizing the LG for this endeavor. The other health related features like the heart monitor and sleep tracking ( I think it does that) were never needed. Due to the size of the LG, this is certainly something that I would not wear to sleep thus the sleep tracking was never used. Thus in my day to day life, I just had no need to take advantage of all of its available features.

One of the best features of the LG Watch Urbane was its battery life. The device could easily last 3 to 4 day without charging depending on your usage. With my usage, I was luck if it was at 80% to 85% by the time that I put it in its charging cradle at the end of each night. While this sort of battery life will not set the world on fire, it is impressive for a smartwatch that was release in early 2015.

One of my pet peeves so to speak was the display. Not that the display was bad because the screen is very bright, visible, and readable. My issue comes from that fact that for me looking at a screen to see a digital representation of watch arms moving was just something that I could not get comfortable with. This is an issue that I am sure that I would have had with any smartwatch that I would have tried. What really annoyed me was the momentary delay in actually being able to see the time after I raised it where I could see it. This could have been alleviated by leaving the screen on, but I found that option to be unappealing and battery draining.

The LG Watch Urbane is an excellent device for those that are in the market for one. While it boasts good battery life, Wi-Fi to keep you connected when your phone is out of reach and the robustness of Google’s current iteration of Watch OS, it (or any smartwatch) just isn’t for those that are accustomed to wearing and changing watches based on activity, mood, and/or dress. Anyone with the viewpoint that a watch is an extension of your style will most likely feel trapped wearing a smartwatch like the LG Watch Urbane just like I did.


For a professional review of the LG Watch Urbane, checkout this review from Android Authority.

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