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Star Trek: Picard – Disappointment, Frustration, & Excitement

When they announced Star Trek: Picard was happening, I was so excited. As someone who literally grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, any sort of continuation series was music to my ears. However, CBS has the current business plan of putting all new Star Trek series behind the paywall that is CBS Access.… Continue reading Star Trek: Picard – Disappointment, Frustration, & Excitement

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Quarantine Musings: ComiXology Unlimited and Top 5 Lockdown Frags (Podcast)!652ba Quarantine has caused me to read and discover new comics via ComiXology Unlimited. As a result a review is contained in this episode. Also I rundown the top 5 fragrances that I'm wearing while on the COVID-19 lockdown. Music by AOAO Music  Find us on IG and Twitter: @websterstyle Visit Ovation For Men Visit Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme

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Quarantine Gaming: My Top 5

Quarantine has gotten us all down, but it has also given us time to do a lot of the things that we always say we never have time to do, like gaming. I myself have found myself gaming more than usual however I haven't been gaming as much as I thought I would be doing the COVID-19 quarantine. Even… Continue reading Quarantine Gaming: My Top 5