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Perceptions of Femininity: Hellfire

Embers fill the sky.Their crackle…Piercing the calmness,Of a deaf night.Their flickering glow,But a harbinger of things-Mortal eyes have yet to see.A spirit-Wild,Untamed!Consumed by a fire,Not unlike those of Salem.Fire that engulfs hearts,Twists minds,And corrupts souls.Witchcraft…Maybe?Burning with rage-Yet mortal eyes cannot look away.Drawn to its beauty…A moth.Reaching out to the blaze.Hypnotized by it’s allure.All fear is… Continue reading Perceptions of Femininity: Hellfire


Baltimore Comic Con – Valiant 101 Panel Part 1

As part of our coverage of Baltimore Comic Con we sat in on several panels, one of which was the Valiant Comics 101 Panel. The guys talk about their 50 nominations....and zero wins; the travails of Bloodshot and X-O Manowar wrecking everyone. Here's part one of the panel where we get a rundown of some of Valiant's… Continue reading Baltimore Comic Con – Valiant 101 Panel Part 1

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Carrion: Its Fun To Be The Monster (Review)

My favorite horror movie is John Carpenter's 1982 remake of The Thing. Carpenter is a master when it comes to creating a terrifying mood in the isolation of the Antarctic. Even after almost 40 years, the practical effects are still a sight to be seen. In movies like The Thing, the humans are but cannon… Continue reading Carrion: Its Fun To Be The Monster (Review)