Week 20 Lookbook: Quarantine Continues

The twentieth week… Few things have changed, For the better. Looking to the east, As the illuminating glow of a rising sun… Brings hope, Progress, Enlightenment, And Comfort. The eyes have gazed upon a new dawn. Be thankful… Be blessed. Setbacks can come… Unexpectedly. Bring progress to a standstill. As frustration builds, Hopelessness starts to… Continue reading Week 20 Lookbook: Quarantine Continues

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The Man In The Mirror (Podcast)!a95e3 This episode addresses my own personal struggles with body image. Finding that moment when you like the body that you see in the mirror is a satisfaction that many men never find as society continues to feed us a mythological image of what man should look like. We talk about this and and the… Continue reading The Man In The Mirror (Podcast)

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Perceptions of Femininity: Amazon

Free spirit,Towering above.Mocha complexion-Harkening back to where life started.Elegance-Evoking visions of primal desires.Every movement,Every glance,Piercing the soul.Tribal markings adorn-Enchanting passers by,Honoring ancestors...Reflecting the artist within.Hiding a subtle notion of joy.Outlandish...Infectious...Unpredictable!The ultimate seduction.2020 IG & Twitter: @websterstyle Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style