Quarantine Lookbook Week 21: Legal Drinking Age

Lost motivation,Can be rediscovered.Once (re) found,Take hold...Reabsorb it into your very soul. Move forward with purpose.Driven with passion.The hump!Sliding into the backside,of another week.Traversing through...Stress,Isolation,And uncertainty.Making mistakes,Just to get through another day. Seeing the horizon,of another week drawing to a close.The search continues.Finding passion is invigorating.Keeping the flame burning is exhausting. This Week's Fragrance RotationIG & Twitter: @websterstyle… Continue reading Quarantine Lookbook Week 21: Legal Drinking Age

Style, Women

Perceptions of Femininity: Hellfire

Embers fill the sky.Their crackle…Piercing the calmness,Of a deaf night.Their flickering glow,But a harbinger of things-Mortal eyes have yet to see.A spirit-Wild,Untamed!Consumed by a fire,Not unlike those of Salem.Fire that engulfs hearts,Twists minds,And corrupts souls.Witchcraft…Maybe?Burning with rage-Yet mortal eyes cannot look away.Drawn to its beauty…A moth.Reaching out to the blaze.Hypnotized by it’s allure.All fear is… Continue reading Perceptions of Femininity: Hellfire


Week 20 Lookbook: Quarantine Continues

The twentieth week… Few things have changed, For the better. Looking to the east, As the illuminating glow of a rising sun… Brings hope, Progress, Enlightenment, And Comfort. The eyes have gazed upon a new dawn. Be thankful… Be blessed. Setbacks can come… Unexpectedly. Bring progress to a standstill. As frustration builds, Hopelessness starts to… Continue reading Week 20 Lookbook: Quarantine Continues