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The Style Fix: February 2015 ft. @pebble, @timberwatches, @houseofcards, @gentlemenhood, @killshakespeare, & @Bacrelli

One of the great things about the internet is that you have so much information at your fingertips. This access to information is a great way to discover new ideas and items, in addition to enjoying those things that we have discovered in the past. The Style Fix is a presentation of new and current discoveries of the past month that have us captivated.


  • FT-150224-Pebble_png_CROP_promovar-mediumlargePebble Time
    • Pebble has gone and broken Kickstarter again. With the announcement of the its new color smartwatch the Pebble Time, Pebble has reinvigorated the waning interest in smartwatches (at least until the Apple watch launch) with its $11 million and counting funding campaign. With the Pebble Time, Pebble is looking to show all involved why Pebble is known as the standard for quality smartwatches.


  • IMG_1921Timber Watches
    • Stylish, ecofriendly, and affordable are all words that describe the new line of all wood watches from Timber Watches. Their line of watches are made from renewable bamboo and range in the affordable realm of $80-$85 per watch. If you are looking for an affordable and unique timepiece, Timber Watches may just satisfy your thrust.


  • house-of-cards-season-3House of Cards
    • Season 3 of the hit Netflix show House of Cards is now live. If you have not watched this show, then what are you waiting for? The world of Frank Underwood is so captivating and engaging that you can’t help but to binge watch.


  • Unspoken Feelings of a Gentlemanalex-3d-bigger-700x700
    •  Author Pierre Alex Jeanty uses Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman to expose his thoughts and bare his soul in the examination and exploration of his own confusion, glut , and obstacles. A must read!
  • TNHolmesHoudini01CovVirgNYCCSherlock Holmes VS. Harry Houdini
    • What happens when the world’s greatest detective meets the world’s greatest magician? That is the question that Kill Shakespeare creators Anthony Del Col and Connor McCreery are answering in their Dynamite new series Sherlock Holmes VS. Harry Houdini. With the conclusion to the five issue mini series looming, it is a great time to catch up on this fantastic series before it ends.



#28DaysofBlackCosplay: A Photo Retrospective

Black History Month is a time to remember the contributions of people of color to the development of the United States and their impacts within U.S. borders and beyond. Taking a cue from our friends over at PopCultureUncovered, this month of Black History has also been used to spotlight the cosplay efforts of people of color. During our trips to various conventions over the years, we have encountered may dynamic cosplayers of all ages, sizes, and hues. In honor of the effort, here are a few of our favorite cosplayers.