Comics and Their Reflection on Society

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One of the best parts about being a comic book lover is the escapism they sometimes provide. Comics have told stories about mere mortals who can fly, swing from building to building, as well as garnering other breathtaking abilities. What has always been somewhat confounding, though, is that when issues facing the world become front and center in the headlines, there have been a few comic book fans that fully expect that these issues stay out of comics. For some, comics is their safe space and issues of the world should not affect the latest installment of Superman’s fight against Zod, or Spider-man trying to foil Doc Ock’s latest plot.

The problem is, many comic book fans seem to forget that comics, as well as nearly all forms of entertainment from gaming to movies, have at some point or another been a mirror of the sociopolitical climate that we live…

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The dormant gamer inside has returned thanks to #E3 2017

The joystick has been a constant peripheral to my existence for as long as I can remember. Early memories are filled with hours of playing the classic wood-grained Atari 2600 and it horrible Pac-Man adaptation along with classics such as Combat and Space Explorers. From there I graduated like many to the NES in an… Continue reading The dormant gamer inside has returned thanks to #E3 2017


The Black Male Blueprint Of Educational Advancement via @DrVibeShow

Education is something that has been an extensive part of both my personal and professional life for as long as I can remember. It is for this reason that I found the recent conversation with LaMarcus J. Hall on the recent Dr. Vibe Show entitled "The Black Male Blueprint Of Educational Advancement" quite engaging. LaMarcus… Continue reading The Black Male Blueprint Of Educational Advancement via @DrVibeShow


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 brings hilarity and the franchise to new heights

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When you go to see a sequel, there is usually a lot of concern. Most sequels can’t stand up to their progenitors, ranging anywhere from decent to horrible. On occasion, however, you not only find one that’s equal but alsosurpasses the original. The Godfather: Part II, The Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Addams Family Values; and now we can add James Gunn’s space-superhero bonanza to this revered list.

While I enjoyed the originalGuardians of the Galaxy, I felt it played it safe at times. That movie was a lot of fun and humorous, but it never pushed me over the top. In Vol. 2, they finally gave me that “oomph,” and that was mostly thanks to the comedy. The laughs never seem to stop, and they reach new levels of hilarity, with Drax the MVP of this aspect. Dave…

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