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She said it smelled like death plus other topics.

In this addition of the podcast, we talk about fragrances we love but our significant others hate with @scentssmalltown, retro gaming with the Nintendo Dsi XL, and a review of the wireless charging notebook by @thetechstyler.  


Frag Quickie: Black Is Black by @nuparfums

Black is Black by nuparfums is a nice fragrance overall. It can come off a bit synthetic but not in a horrible way. For $9.99 you should not expect niche fragrance quality however it can rival many designer fragrances (in my opinion ).   I loved the opening! The rose and jasmine mid notes were… Continue reading Frag Quickie: Black Is Black by @nuparfums

Sartorial And Geek, Style

Poshmark, Retro Gaming Wishes, & Zaharoff

The Sartorial and Geek Podcast is a podcast about bow ties, comics, and everything in-between. This week we talk about the experience of "discovering" Poshmark, retro gaming Christmas wishes, and why Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme is the current go to fragrance. Find us: @websterstyle (Instagram & Twitter) Music by AOAO Music