A first look at the Marina collection from Collinsville Watch Company.

We have had the good fortune to tryout some great watches from the little watch company from Connecticut known as the Collinsville Watch company. After months of putting their signature chronograph and Bridge street collections through their paces, we have come away very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the company. Hot off the… Continue reading A first look at the Marina collection from Collinsville Watch Company.

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Watch History: She had the NERV to me give this!

My wife has always had knack for finding the perfect gift. I am a big a nine fan With one of my favorite animes being Neon Genesis Evangelion. The battles between the Evas and the Angels, the political intrigue that surrounded every step the characters took to the absolute psychological insanity that was the last… Continue reading Watch History: She had the NERV to me give this!


WSM Spotlight: Oakland Watches

Pocket watches have always been Somewhat of an obsession of mine since I was a boy, the pocket watch has always captivated me. For me they just project a regal sense of classical style that a normal wrist watch doesn't convey. Pocket watches turn the routine task of telling the time into an event as… Continue reading WSM Spotlight: Oakland Watches


Watch History: The Best Man’s Watch

Friendship is a funny thing. It can wither away and disappear in the blink of an eye and it can also persist for decades without a thought. When the latter occurs you gain crew members who stand by you as you navigate the waterways of life. As a result you end up sharing some pretty… Continue reading Watch History: The Best Man’s Watch


WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches

Veteran owned Seventeenth watches strive to offer a design aesthetic that is inspired by simplicity. Each style offered by Seventeenth watches is carefully designed to exhibit a uniqueness and classic beauty. Seventeenth strives to be a pioneer in watchmaking style by creating a union between simplicity and class. The company is constantly developing its brand and is carving a… Continue reading WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches