Can a dollar store cologne be any good?

SavedPicture-201751116250.jpgHave you ever thought about getting your cologne from the dollar store? Neither had I before a visit that I had to Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. I was leaving on business and realized that I was out of my current fragrance. I decided to pick up Prism by Jean Philippe Tristar, a scent that is “inspired” by Ralph Lauren’ s Polo. I figured that for only a dollar it was worth a shot. This certain give a new spin on the phrase “I’d buy that for a dollar.”

The first application of Prism provided a shocking result, it burned. Spaying it on my wrist created a slight burning sensation that quickly went away. It was a mildly unsettling experience, but it was quickly forgotten. The smell was surprisingly present and not cheap smelling. Going into this the quality of the smell was a major concern, so it was very nice to see that aspect of the fragrance was good. Other than that I was presently surprised with how long fragrance lasted. Usually an Eau de Toilette of this type tends to last for only a few hours as the top notes dissipate leaving nothing left of the scent. Prism actually lasted with a very pronounced and lingering aroma for the better part of 8-9 hours in many of my tests. As it stands, it will easily last a full work day or a night out on the town.

SavedPicture-201751116254.jpgGoing into this experiment I was really worried about using Prism at first, but I was really pleased at the results. For just a dollar I picked up a really serviceable bottle of cologne. Considering I’ve never used Polo before, this knockoff is so good that it makes me want to try the real thing. At the end of the day it may not replace the original fragrance or your favorite fragrance, but for just one dollar you will get more than your money’s worth with Prism.





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  1. Jess says:

    I picked up this Eau de Toilette today from the $store and I agree with you. I tired out smelling over a dozen scents they were selling but liked this one the best.


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