Sartorial and Geek: Star Wars sneakers bring the Force to your spring essentials via @PCUncovered

It’s hard to believe that Star Wars has been around for forty years now. It’s crazy to think that Darth Vader and company are now middle-aged but show no signs are slowing down. In a recent post about spring essentials I commented on how a good pair of are sneakers are an essential part of any spring wardrobe.  If you are looking for stylish options for the spring that are sprinkled with a bit of the force, then the following options may be great additions to your closet.

Legacy Vulc-Imperial Rulers by Sketchers

These high-top canvas sneakers are a great way to express your inner Sith lord. Just remember to not go totally to the dark side when wear these shoes and because there may be no coming back.


Star Wars sneakers by Telacos

Another entry to take you to the dark side, these canvas high-top lace ups sport a simplistic  black and white design highlighting the classic storm trooper helmet on each side. If only the storm troopers in A New Hope were this stylish the Empire might have had a chance of winning.


Fighter Design by POP Man Middle Top Shoes

These low-top sneakers by POP Man Middle Top shoes take inspiration from the Rebel Alliance of the Star Wars universe. Sporting a simple design highlighted by the rebel insignia on each side, these shoes are sure make you comfortable in the cockpit of any A-wing of your choice.


Star Wars Graphic Print by Skechers

These charcoal and black slip ons by Skechers feature a simplistic color scheme highlighted by the Star Wars logo being featured prominently across the shoe.


Adidas ZX700

A slight detour from sneaker hunting takes us to the planet Dagobah where we find these Yoda inspired boat shoes that were made by Adidas back in 2009. They were even released in bubble plastic with a cardboard back just like an action figure (see link). As you can imagine with an eight year old shoe limited edition shoe, obtaining a pair will cost you a pretty penny.


May the Force be with you!


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