Scents we love: Oxford Bleu by English Laundry

Oxford Bleu Cologne by English Laundry was created by perfumer Christopher Wicks and launched in 2014. Oxford Bleu's scent features several distinctive notes as it dissipates. Designated as a warm-weather fragrance, Oxford Bleu features vanilla and sandalwood base notes fluidly drape over bright vetiver and deep oak moss for a rich, masculine finish. Oxford Blue… Continue reading Scents we love: Oxford Bleu by English Laundry


The Fall Essentials: Corduroy

  Its hard to believe that summer's sun has set already. As a result we must look to changing out our got wardrobe items to match Autumn's uniqueness . The first thing that you should grab is your corduroy. Corduroy is a textile that features a unique pattern commonly called a cords or wales. The size… Continue reading The Fall Essentials: Corduroy


How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10

I have always tried to be very minimal with how I work. I have never seen the need multiple devices to accomplish my goals, both in work and leisure. When recent events precipitate the need for a new computer, I made the decision to downsize even more with my replacement PC. This led my purchase… Continue reading How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10


WSM Spotlight: Oakland Watches

Pocket watches have always been Somewhat of an obsession of mine since I was a boy, the pocket watch has always captivated me. For me they just project a regal sense of classical style that a normal wrist watch doesn't convey. Pocket watches turn the routine task of telling the time into an event as… Continue reading WSM Spotlight: Oakland Watches


WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches

Veteran owned Seventeenth watches strive to offer a design aesthetic that is inspired by simplicity. Each style offered by Seventeenth watches is carefully designed to exhibit a uniqueness and classic beauty. Seventeenth strives to be a pioneer in watchmaking style by creating a union between simplicity and class. The company is constantly developing its brand and is carving a… Continue reading WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches