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Game Pass To Snyder Cut (Podcast)!ccc54 Is Xbox Game Pass worth it? Find out our impressions after 6 plus months of using the service. Also find out our viewpoint on the fact the the Snyder Cut of Justice League will see the light of day in HBO Max in 2021 and our fragrance of the week. Fragrance of the week:… Continue reading Game Pass To Snyder Cut (Podcast)


Quarantine Continues: Week 13 Lookbook

The Dark side cannot win. Light shall prevail. The force is the streets. Every corner of the world- Illuminated! Even the Death Star was defeated. Another day... Still homebound. The world is changing. Those in charge are scared. Do Not Stop! Keep them on their heels. Be careful out there. COVID-19 is still lurking. State… Continue reading Quarantine Continues: Week 13 Lookbook


Frag Quickies: Authenticity by Authenticity Perfumes

Top: Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Lemon, & Pineapple Middle: Rosemary, Peppercorn, & Jasmine Base: Patchouli, Cedar, & Sandalwood Authenticity's signature fragrance is described as an upscale fragrance blend specially formulated for the gentleman. They say claim that the fragrance elevates your sex appeal to heights unimaginable aka "The Chick Magnet". Since we are still locked down… Continue reading Frag Quickies: Authenticity by Authenticity Perfumes