Fragrance of the Week: Cuba Blue

The Fragrance of the Week is Cuba Blue by Fragluxe. Checkout more of my impressions of it on The Sartorial And Geek Podcast by Webster Style.

EP 97: The Panty Dropper Edition (The Sartorial and Geek Podcast by Webster Style)

The Download: Windjammers 2 Podcast Spotlight: Otaku Life Hidden Gems: Swamp Thing (1982) The Longbox: Alpha Flight # 6 vol 1 #72 (1986) Panty Droppers:  Echelon for Men (Honorable Mention) Oxford Bleu by English Laundry F Black Pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo Morning Chess by Vilhelm Parfumerie  Authenticity by Authenticity Perfumes Ovation for Men by…