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Poshmark, Retro Gaming Wishes, & Zaharoff

The Sartorial and Geek Podcast is a podcast about bow ties, comics, and everything in-between. This week we talk about the experience of "discovering" Poshmark, retro gaming Christmas wishes, and why Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme is the current go to fragrance. Find us: @websterstyle (Instagram & Twitter) Music by AOAO Music


Frag Quickie: Extracted Brown

I happened to find Extracted Brown at a discounter and became immediately intrigued. It wasn't like any of the other fragrances that I owned, so I decided to give it a try as it was only going to set me back a little over seven dollars. Over all this is a really solid fragrance for… Continue reading Frag Quickie: Extracted Brown


2019 Christmas Gift Guide: Fragrances

The many times the most important part of any ensemble is the one that you don't see. A man's fragrance can have a longer impact on a room or individual than any designer suit ever will. Due to this fact, a good fragrance can the perfect holiday gift for any man in your life (our… Continue reading 2019 Christmas Gift Guide: Fragrances