Around The Town Baltimore: Baltimore Comic Con 2011

Another year has passed and again we found ourselves in Baltimore aka “The City That Reads” for the 2011 Baltimore Comic Con. This year’ convention featured a host of creators including the convention’s guest of honor Stan “The Man” Lee. In addition to the loads of industry heavyweights that included the likes of Mark Waid, Jeff Smith, and Ron Marz and playing host to the 2011 Harvey Awards, the convention featured a robust artist ally and retailer sections while offering engaging panels that gave information on whats going on with your favorite characters to how to get into the business.

Husband and wife creators Comfort Love and Adam Withers (The Uniques) give the audience step by step instructions on how to bring their creations to life, and to self-publish their own comics or manga in the panel entitled “Creating your comic/manga from concept to publication”

Kill Shakespeare creators Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col signing a trade of the series for an adoring fan.

Artists Alley before the doors of the convention open.

Comic legends Ron Frenz and Mike Grell

One artist in Artists Alley even brought live entertainment.

Stan “The Man” Lee has left the building ladies and gentleman.

No comic book convention, especially the Baltimore Comic Con would be complete without cosplay. This year’s convention featured hundreds of convention goers dressing up as their favorite characters from comics, movies, and video games. Checkout some of our favorites.

The Silk Spectre and Storm

“Everyone Put your hands up. This is a stickup!”

Arkham is short a few residents.

The Spaceballs are coming! Checkout little Captain America lurking in the background.

That good brother Black Dynamite

The female Loki has another victim.

The White Queen

Link is on a new journey to save Zelda

Deathbird is in the building.

More cosplayers at work.

Ninja vanish!

Poison Ivy, Black Canary, & a Fairy.

Well that all folks.



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