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Webster Tech Interview: John Roberts of Comixology

During our excursion to the Baltimore Comic Con, we had the privileged of getting some time with John Roberts, co-founder of comiXology. comiXology is digital comic platform and additional technology for comic book distribution including a set of tools for brick-and-mortar retailers. Launched as a comic book industry resource, comiXology has developed into a widely used digital comic book platform to provide fans with listings of the latest comics and an online digital comic book reader. The digital distribution service launched in 2009 with 8 publishers, it now hosts over 2000 comics from more than 40 major and independent publishers.

With DC pledging same day and date digital release for all of the comics in its new “52” camgaign, and Marvel getting closer and closer to releasing more comics digitally, comiXology is leading the charge for the digital revolution within the comics world. As tablet computing increases, comiXology is turning out to be a must have app for any and every platform.


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