@Ciszere Look book Autumn/Winter 2016

Ciszere is a young creative shirt brand based in Sweden that is exploring the boundaries between the terms casual and well dressed. The brand is influenced by the digital world around us where trends arise instantly. They strive to reach out to the sharp man who seeks expressions in this modern social world. The brand started… Continue reading @Ciszere Look book Autumn/Winter 2016


Eucalyptus Mint Wash by @everymanjackbrand First Impressions

Walking through Targèt over the years I've always seen the Every Man Jack line of men's grooming products but have never felt the need to try any of them. A change has come and for whatever reason a recent trip to the retailer spurred me to give them a try. Keeping with the theme of… Continue reading Eucalyptus Mint Wash by @everymanjackbrand First Impressions


Is a Lapel Flower a Bit Too much?

In my experience, wearing a lapel flower tends to draw more compliments than usual. On one occasion a compliment was given by a passerby but was then followed by a comment that the individual felt that they couldn't wear one because it’s just too flashy for them. That made me stop to think, is a… Continue reading Is a Lapel Flower a Bit Too much?