Bow Tie Thursday: The Evolution of The Bow Tie w/ @JoelFranklinCo

An evolution is a change brought about by the necessity of survival. Most notably we attribute or reference evolution when speaking of Darwin, his On The Origin of the Species, and related topics. Now we ask “Has the bow tie gone through its own evolution?” While we do not have an answer, designer Joel Franklin Walters and is company Joel Franklin Co. are more than happy to provide us with one. For the Joel Franklin Co., their philosophy The Evolution of the Bow Tie is about the bow tie representing success. As they state, “the unique shaped fabric that with the proper folds, consistency, & adjustments  can become an elegant accessory, we as humans have that same ability to evolve. Like success the bow tie requires an elite individual to take the risk in achieving greatness.” A powerful statement indeed as well as a very intricate look into the accessory. Here are just a few of the Joel Franklin Company’s wonderful bow tie designs:




Here is an interview with Joel Walters about his company and his passion for bow ties.

For more information on the collections of the Joel Franklin Company, visit them at or get in on the groundfloor of their 2013 collection by supporting their Kickstarter campaign here.


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