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Lost in Space is crown jewel in the Sci-Fi tv renaissance.

I always shunned to original Lost In Space as just some hokey sci-fi series from the 60s but the 90s film adaptation made me fall in love with the Space Family Robinson (and thus a love of the original series developed). The 90s version is one of the most under rated sci-fi films of the… Continue reading Lost in Space is crown jewel in the Sci-Fi tv renaissance.

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Turn your inexpensive drug store grooming kit into a DIY tech caddy

If you have been reading this site for any particular time then you know one of the things that we strive to do is to present stylish options for reasonable prices. In an ongoing quest find new ways to slim down and organize what is carried for the daily commute and beyond, "tech organizers" have… Continue reading Turn your inexpensive drug store grooming kit into a DIY tech caddy

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Minimalist Cubical Warrior: What’s your Everyday carry?

  It seems like being minimalist, stylish, and functional don't always go hand in hand. Finding something that checks all the box (and doesn't break the bank) can at times be a daunting task. Plus deciding what you really need to carry with you on an everyday basis can result in very loaded pockets if… Continue reading Minimalist Cubical Warrior: What’s your Everyday carry?


The Enduring Relevance of the Black Panther

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As the Black Panther has become an increasingly more prominent character, especially now that the movie has been released I’ve been thinking. Thinking about why this character has been so important to me personally, to the community of black writers, nerds, actresses, and podcasters that I interact with, and ultimately to many in the African diaspora. My conclusion is that T’Challa matters because of the world he connects us to, what he embodies as a character, and the questions that his existence forces us to ponder.

The fictional nation of Wakanda connects us to the idea of what Africa nations could have become without intervention from the West. The African continent has been plagued by the legacy of the triangle slave trade and colonialism.  Those two events and their continuing legacy have hampered the development of African nations, forced Western beliefs and ideology upon them without their consent.  The descendants…

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So what exactly is this VERO thing?

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So today I awoke and as I was checking my social media feeds, I noticed that a few of my friends were posting new profiles from something called Vero. So, of course being the good little lemming I am and hoping for something that could be an alternative to Facebook and Instagram, I decided to look into it.

After kicking the tires and checking out the app, this is my first impression of this latest addition to social media.

What is it?

Vero is a company that has been around already since 2013 but it’s been active since 2015. Vero strives to be different from Facebook by providing the balance that Facebook and other social media apps have lost by bringing us closer to our friends and associates via this app. The app itself can be found in the Apple or Android store, takes moments to set up and…

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