Kingsman: The Golden Sequel

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Producer Matthew Vaughn burst on the movie scene as a director back in 2004 with the hit indie film Layer Cake. Since then, he has been a known hit-maker, directing films including Kick Assand X-Men First Class. He is also known as a director that doesn’t do sequels; he left Days of Future Past to write and direct the original Kingsman: The Secret Service. So our interest was piqued when we heard he was returning for its sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Vaughn doesn’t disappoint. Much like the original, The Golden Circle is a fun and funny, irreverent look at the life of a super spy. It starts fast and furious and rarely slows down as we work our way through an enjoyable, if slightly looser than the original, plot. All the major players are back: Eggsy, played…

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How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10

I have always tried to be very minimal with how I work. I have never seen the need multiple devices to accomplish my goals, both in work and leisure. When recent events precipitate the need for a new computer, I made the decision to downsize even more with my replacement PC. This led my purchase… Continue reading How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10


Comics and Their Reflection on Society

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One of the best parts about being a comic book lover is the escapism they sometimes provide. Comics have told stories about mere mortals who can fly, swing from building to building, as well as garnering other breathtaking abilities. What has always been somewhat confounding, though, is that when issues facing the world become front and center in the headlines, there have been a few comic book fans that fully expect that these issues stay out of comics. For some, comics is their safe space and issues of the world should not affect the latest installment of Superman’s fight against Zod, or Spider-man trying to foil Doc Ock’s latest plot.

The problem is, many comic book fans seem to forget that comics, as well as nearly all forms of entertainment from gaming to movies, have at some point or another been a mirror of the sociopolitical climate that we live…

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Watch History: She had the NERV to me give this!

My wife has always had knack for finding the perfect gift. I am a big a nine fan With one of my favorite animes being Neon Genesis Evangelion. The battles between the Evas and the Angels, the political intrigue that surrounded every step the characters took to the absolute psychological insanity that was the last… Continue reading Watch History: She had the NERV to me give this!


A Stream Of Thoughts Regarding Streaming TV — via @PCUncovered

These are just some musings regarding this week’s Disney announcement regarding their streaming platform. Sorry if it feels a bit random, but I just wanted to cover a few points from dialogues I have seen since the announcement. General Thoughts News broke yesterday about Disney uprooting many of their titles from Netflix to start up […]… Continue reading A Stream Of Thoughts Regarding Streaming TV — via @PCUncovered