2021 Fall Essentials for every Gentleman.

As I get older, I tend to appreciate the season of Autumn more and more. Don’t get me wrong, as a summer baby I thrive in the sometimes oppressive heat and humidity that summers on the east coast can bring. Autumn (especially early in the season) brings a mild edge to the weather featuring crisper nights and shorter days. The transitional nature of Fall can often lead to questions about what is needed as the changing from the heat of Summer to the cold of Winter can lead to very unpredictable days. What is “essential” during this season is very subjective, but the following items will nonetheless prove at least useful to any gentleman.  

The Half Zip Sweater 

The Half Zip sweater can be very indispensable. It can be dressed up with a suit and tie, and it can be dressed down with jeans or Chinos/khakis. It gives many of the same benefits of a cardigan without the “collegiate” look.  

The Henley 

If the classic polo and the long sleeve t-shirt had a baby, the Henley would surely be their offspring. Unlike the polo, this is a shirt that I would wear with a blazer in more casual settings. It’s a versatile shirt that’s good for work, play, and a night out on the town when pair correctly.  

Chelsea Boots 

A good pair of boots are quintessential for the Fall. These close-fitting, ankle-high boots are usually found with an elastic side panel. This combined with the traditional loop on the back give them an easy slide on/side off functionality. Much like the Henley, Chelsea boots can be good for work, play, and a night out when combined correctly.  

Classic Trench Coat 

I have always been a sucker for the classic Trench coat. In the fall, its great for protection from the rain and from the increasing briskness of the season where a heavier overcoat would just be too much. The classic Trench is traditionally made of a waterproof heavy-duty cotton, but they can also be found in leather and poplin. I personally love the look of it as it invokes the classic feel of old cinematic gentleman.  

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