Echelon for Men by Kimberly New York -Review

As a fragrance enthusiast, there fragrances that you just want to try.  Then there are others that once you hear about them, you absolutely have to get your hands on. Echelon for Men by Kimberly New York has been one that I have sought to get my nose on for quite sometime.

Echelon for Men is described as an intoxicatingly attractive and refined fragrance that opens with subtly sweet anise and dries down to a robust, woodsy and long-lasting mahogany sillage. Echelon for men is a fragrance that is not like anything else I have in my collection. That is emblematic in both its scent profile and how it performs.


The top notes feature orange zest and spicy anise. These provide a bright and spicy, yet sharp (pleasantly)  and sweet opening. The middle notes of black peppercorn and musk continue to build on the spicy foundation laid by the opening. The musk helps to establish the fragrance as very masculine. It is not an overpowering musk, its a very seductive musk that sneaks up on you. The base notes are leather and mahogany. These notes help to finish a strong statement that the fragrance is symbolic of the masculinity that defines a man.

IMG_20200210_080902Projection and longevity

As stated, Echelon is like nothing that I have in my collection and this is very much exemplified not just by its longevity but by the very way it interacts with the skin and body. Echelon does not project, it irradiates from the skin. Being an EDP, the concentration of oils creates a reaction that when applies to the skin releases with your body heat. It is very much designed for close contact encounters as its very much a skin scent from the initial spray. You will get projection, but it will only be a few inches. This is an all day fragrance. It easily lasted for 12 hours with the middle and base notes revealing themselves slowly over the course of the day. I would be very interested to see how it performs in the spring and summer since it was very much body heat driven during these cold winter days.

Overall Impressions

Very rarely does a fragrance live up to the bold descriptions and claims of the manufacturer/creator. Echelon for Men not only lives up to the claims of its creator, it exceeded all of my expectations. It is a scent that is very well suited for the cold of winter. I could see this being worn in a variety of situations, but it really excels as a fragrance for when someone is going to be very close to you or you are on the hunt to get someone very close to you. This is designed for intimacy and it irradiates  from the body accordingly. This is not a fragrance that you want to wear if you are looking for something that will project across the room.


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