Frag Quickie: Atlas by Old Navy

Old Navy has set a pretty good bar with their fragrances in my opinion. Their Sea Salt and Fig is a great fragrance that is easily worn by men and women with great duration and projection for just twelve dollars. On a recent visit, bottles of their Atlas men’s fragrance were discounted by 50%. With a deal like that I couldn’t help but to pick on up.


Top Note: Basil

Middle Note: Black Pepper

Base Note: Atlas Cedar


The basil provides a great opening that’s fresh and spicy. The black pepper solidifies the spiciness but isn’t overbearing. The cedar is a soft woodsy note that finishes things off nicely.

The fragrance itself comes off a kind of powdery and not synthetic. This helps to evoke a softness that the notes wouldn’t necessarily be associated with. It also helps in the longevity of this fragrance as well. It lasted much longer on my skin ( 6-7 hours) that I would have expected an EDC to last. It performed better than some fragrances that are 3 to 4 times its price. While I’m wearing it in winter, it seems like it would do very well in the spring as well.


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