Talking Tech with @WilliamMapp3 on @Biztechinsider

We had the pleasure of being a guest on Briefcase Radio on this past Sunday with host and developer William Mapp of BizTechInsider and The Sync fame. EIC Elden Hawkes and Herlen Bess talked with William about small business security, the mobile summer, and Target’s Christmas Massacre. Check it out for great tips to keep your data secure and to find out what’s going on in the mobile space.

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The Happy Hour: Tequila Slammer

SavedPicture-2014710191921.jpgThere are a variety recipes for our featured cocktail the Tequila Slammer. Some use champagne (or other sparkling wines), while others use Sprite or similar carbonated beverages. We are presenting one featuring ginger beer, because frankly we love ginger beer. Ginger beer plus your finest tequila is a combination that we can’t resist.

* 1 Shot Tequila
* 1 Shot Ginger Beer

Pour ingredients into the glass with ice and drink immediately.




The New Definition of the Urban Male


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