The Webster Definitions

The Webster Definitions: Rules any Webster Man will live by.

Webster Definition #1: Classic style never goes out of style. A navy blazer is always fashionable.

Webster Definition #2: Please and thank you will get you a lot further than a pretty smile.

Webster Definition #3: Being true to who you are and what you like is the first step to great style. Don’t be like everyone else, Be You!

Webster Definition #4: Knowing his way around the kitchen is as essential to a Webster Man as breathing.

Webster Definition #5:Never be afraid to try new things, especially good food.

Webster Definition #6: Never spit game! Being one’s self is the best way to attract a quality mate.

Webster Definition #7: Style is not fashion! Style is individual outward expression through dress, passions, and deeds. Be you, don’t follow trends.


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