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Perceptions of Femininity: Parler Francais

Uniquely defined,Yet out of place.Masks…Hide what is blatantly displayed-Beauty,Creativity,An elegance like none other.Neon colors…Spark the imagination.Every movement tells a story.Designing a custom experience,That speaks…To the heart,Touches the souls,Ignites desires.Mise-en-SceneHidden by a mask.Dripping with the emotion of an artist…Screaming to be heard. 2020IG & Twitter: @websterstyle Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style


An Ovation for Pocket Squares (Podcast)!a0a5b The fragrance Ovation for Men is dissected and reviewed while talking about how important pocket squares can be to your style. Music by AOAO Music  Find us on IG and Twitter: @websterstyle Ovation for Men:

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Quarantine Musings: ComiXology Unlimited and Top 5 Lockdown Frags (Podcast)!652ba Quarantine has caused me to read and discover new comics via ComiXology Unlimited. As a result a review is contained in this episode. Also I rundown the top 5 fragrances that I'm wearing while on the COVID-19 lockdown. Music by AOAO Music  Find us on IG and Twitter: @websterstyle Visit Ovation For Men Visit Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme