Clothing mistakes men should stop making

Gents, we are all at some point in our lives victimized ourselves by doing the wrong thing with our wardrobes. We find what we think is a stylish combo in our wardrobe and we are hoping that heads will turn. Instead what people are really doing is this: You know why? Because what we thought… Continue reading Clothing mistakes men should stop making


Bow Tie Thursday with Ulterior Motive (@umotive)

We recently were introduced to the Swedish based label Ulterior Motive. Ulterior Motive is a mens accessories label with a main focus on ties, wallets and more. They also have a small but swanky collection of bow ties. Take a look at these classy gingham numbers.     For more information on Ulterior Motive and… Continue reading Bow Tie Thursday with Ulterior Motive (@umotive)


The Happy Hour: Tequila Slammer

There are a variety recipes for our featured cocktail the Tequila Slammer. Some use champagne (or other sparkling wines), while others use Sprite or similar carbonated beverages. We are presenting one featuring ginger beer, because frankly we love ginger beer. Ginger beer plus your finest tequila is a combination that we can't resist. Ingredients *… Continue reading The Happy Hour: Tequila Slammer