E3 2017: Microsoft Presentation 

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Hey all! It’s my turn to talk about the Microsoft Presentation at E3. I had the fun privilege of watching this with Jack Warner and Kevin Zerner of the 410wned Gaming podcast crew.

When the lights went down and the intro trailer went up, my first reaction was, “Look at that sexy console!” We got our first look at the new Xbox One X, originally known as Project Scorpio.
Then came the man of the hour: Phil Spencer. Kevin quickly summarized his importance in the gaming sphere for the uninformed, “the godfather of all videogames!”

Spencer kicked off the event by discussing the Xbox One X, going into further details about the newest addition to the Xbox family. It’s going to be smaller than the Xbox One S and coming out November 7, just in time for the holiday shoppers. He waited until the end of the show to…

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Star Wars Battlefront II: Another New Hope?

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Many of us got a chance to see EA’s trailer from Star Wars Battlefront II which more than likely will release this year right around the time Episode VIII releases. As some of you may know, we didn’t go easy with EA’s last offering and we are hoping that this time around they make up for it.

In the video below, Aitch gives his 2 cents about what he hopes comes in the next one that will restore his faith in the franchise.

So what are your thoughts about the new Battlefront II game? What do you think should be included this time around?

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Tomb Raider is back and it is relentless!!

I can’t remember the last time I actually played a Tomb Raider game.  Actually yes I can. It was Tomb Raider Legends which was pretty good but not great.  Which is sad considering this was one series that has always had the potential to go far because of two things: A female lead which has… Continue reading Tomb Raider is back and it is relentless!!

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The Wii U – Is it worth it?

So, let’s start right out of the gate and say that this is the first Nintendo home console I have gotten since the Super Nintendo. Yes, it’s been that long. So far after playing this for about a week, it almost feels like this is the system we should have gotten last generation and that… Continue reading The Wii U – Is it worth it?


The Revolution Has Come. Can Assassin’s Creed III Heed The Double Call Of War! by @Dreddeddeuce

To be honest, I would have loved to have seen another Altair storyline; however, moving the storyline along in the Assassin’s Creed franchise will bring us much closer to finding out what it will take to stop the end of the world. This game gives a very brief intro to the whole Abstergo vs. Templars… Continue reading The Revolution Has Come. Can Assassin’s Creed III Heed The Double Call Of War! by @Dreddeddeuce