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When being a Misfit goes wrong. (Podcast)!25205 We finally broke down and purchased a proper smartwatch. As a result, we review the first generation Vapor by Misfit. Find out if its any good. Fragrance of the week: Luna Rossa Sport by Prada Music by AOAO Music IG: @websterstyle Twitter: @websterstyle Drop us a line

Sartorial And Geek, Style

Why chivalry should be part of a gentleman’s anatomy. (Podcast)!f16c4 Is chivalry out of date by today's standards? Did feminism kill it? Being a gentleman is as much about being the living embodiment of timeless style as it is about embodying timeless sense and sensibilities. Find out why chivalry is and should be a core tenant of any one desires to live as… Continue reading Why chivalry should be part of a gentleman’s anatomy. (Podcast)


Quarantine Lookbook Week 16: Short Weeks, Birthdays, and Holidays.

Vacations,Birthdays,Celebrations,And peace.Back to the grind.Still distanced-Just not quarantined as much.A short week ends.Another celebration begins.Holiday?Independence...Liberty...Freedom?Still not achieved for some.Thus, not achieved for all!A Friday masquerading as a Saturday.Holiday celebrations abound…While the Red Death still surrounds. This Week's Fragrance Rotation IG: @websterstyle Twitter: @websterstyle Drop us a line