New Glasses from Firmoo Optical: Review

As someone who has worn glasses for most of my life, the expense of purchasing a new pair was always a chore. This experience for many years was obviously also a drain on my wallet. That has all changed due to the internet. One of the best things about the internet (my opinion) is the… Continue reading New Glasses from Firmoo Optical: Review


Frag Quickie: Nightscape by @ulrichlang_newyork

Top Notes: Bergamot, & "Green" Accord Middle Notes: Jasmine, Geranium, & Cedarwood Base notes: Leather, Musk, Amber, Tonka bean, & Patchouli The bergamot and accord are invigorating as opening notes, but the geranium of the middle note steals the show. Geranium is a new note for me and thus it stood out like a sore… Continue reading Frag Quickie: Nightscape by @ulrichlang_newyork


Frag Quickie: Terra by

Notes: White flowers, Golden Amber, Soft Woods, & Vanilla Musk I was a bit concerned when I read the notes for this one. The white flowers note has me worried that it might be a bit too feminine for my tastes. Once I sprayed, my concerns were quickly calmed. The opening white flowers was really… Continue reading Frag Quickie: Terra by