How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10

I have always tried to be very minimal with how I work. I have never seen the need multiple devices to accomplish my goals, both in work and leisure. When recent events precipitate the need for a new computer, I made the decision to downsize even more with my replacement PC. This led my purchase… Continue reading How I Work: Nuvision Solo Draw 10


Webster Tech: Tablet Wars & Ipad 2 Impressions

Two thousand ten, after years of being a niche market the Ipad turned the tablet computer market into a major player in the personal computing world overnight. As expected many others have gotten into the ring with tablets of their own. Major players who have recently entering the tablet market include Motorola with their Xoom… Continue reading Webster Tech: Tablet Wars & Ipad 2 Impressions


Webster Style: Cutting the cord

The most interesting aspect of our lives is that many of us are systematically living out our lives online. Our digital lifestyle allow us to do everything from ordering groceries to finding a mate. As a consequence many are chained to their keyboards and mouse, essentially missing out on what the outside world has to… Continue reading Webster Style: Cutting the cord