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Perceptions of Femininity: Hellfire

Embers fill the sky.Their crackle…Piercing the calmness,Of a deaf night.Their flickering glow,But a harbinger of things-Mortal eyes have yet to see.A spirit-Wild,Untamed!Consumed by a fire,Not unlike those of Salem.Fire that engulfs hearts,Twists minds,And corrupts souls.Witchcraft…Maybe?Burning with rage-Yet mortal eyes cannot look away.Drawn to its beauty…A moth.Reaching out to the blaze.Hypnotized by it’s allure.All fear is… Continue reading Perceptions of Femininity: Hellfire

Style, Women

Perceptions of Femininity: Amazon

Free spirit,Towering above.Mocha complexion-Harkening back to where life started.Elegance-Evoking visions of primal desires.Every movement,Every glance,Piercing the soul.Tribal markings adorn-Enchanting passers by,Honoring ancestors...Reflecting the artist within.Hiding a subtle notion of joy.Outlandish...Infectious...Unpredictable!The ultimate seduction.2020 IG & Twitter: @websterstyle Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style


The Lookbook Continues: Quarantine Week 19

The week begins,With the cracks beginning to show.The pandemic...Slowly chipping away at one's sanity.Stress,Chaos,Ignorance.Eroding the remaining defenses,The disease couldn't break.The heat it on...Literally!Temperatures rise,Heat waves descend.Yet it's the pandemic,That is continuously cooking our goose.Booming thunderstorms,Quench the thrust created...By heat waves.Tunes are changing...But for how long?A summer is lost,Let's not loose the Fall.Another week closes.Moments are… Continue reading The Lookbook Continues: Quarantine Week 19