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Perceptions of Femininity: Parler Francais

Uniquely defined,Yet out of place.Masks…Hide what is blatantly displayed-Beauty,Creativity,An elegance like none other.Neon colors…Spark the imagination.Every movement tells a story.Designing a custom experience,That speaks…To the heart,Touches the souls,Ignites desires.Mise-en-SceneHidden by a mask.Dripping with the emotion of an artist…Screaming to be heard. 2020IG & Twitter: @websterstyle Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style


Reopened but distanced: Quarantine Lookbook Week 14

A new Monday. Quarantine is this in effect... Sort of. Bow ties and caffeine, Fuel the start of a busy day... A hectic week. Another Tuesday during quarantine. The spike is occurring... As predicted. Don't let be led astray. Be safe! Hump day. Another Wednesday... Another blur during the month of June. As days start… Continue reading Reopened but distanced: Quarantine Lookbook Week 14