Poetic Daydreams: The Spark

Is it an obsession? Thoughts of you race through my mind. With every idol instant… Flashing images- Of your kiss. It’s unexpectedness. Its sweetness. It’s electricity! Solidifying the spark- That pulsated between two. Connecting opposite currents- Becoming one, If just for a moment… Consumed with desire. Each taste of your lips… Intensifying the magnetic field…

Week 24 Lookbook: Stress, Relief, Still Distanced.

Two steps forward,One step back?Progress (or lack thereof)…Has nothing to do with opposites attracting.Slowly fading away.Another week begins to reveal…Hope,Relief.Solutions found.Progress made.An end in sight? This Week’s Fragrance Rotation IG: @websterstyle Twitter: @websterstyle Drop us a line info@websterstylemagazine.com