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Poetic Daydreams: The Spark

Is it an obsession? Thoughts of you race through my mind. With every idol instant... Flashing images- Of your kiss. It's unexpectedness. Its sweetness. It's electricity! Solidifying the spark- That pulsated between two. Connecting opposite currents- Becoming one, If just for a moment... Consumed with desire. Each taste of your lips... Intensifying the magnetic field… Continue reading Poetic Daydreams: The Spark

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Perceptions of Femininity: Crystal Cavern Reflections

Crystals- Uniquely formed. Geometrically different... Natural beauty. Enclosed in recesses- Darkness. Tucked away from the world. Refracting the glimmers of light- That shines through. Glowing! Irradiating it's blacked habitat... with warmth. Providing nourishment- Mind, Body, Soul. Greeting those that happen to enter... With open arms. Inviting them to stay, Never wanting to leave. 2020IG &… Continue reading Perceptions of Femininity: Crystal Cavern Reflections