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The Man In The Mirror (Podcast)!a95e3 This episode addresses my own personal struggles with body image. Finding that moment when you like the body that you see in the mirror is a satisfaction that many men never find as society continues to feed us a mythological image of what man should look like. We talk about this and and the… Continue reading The Man In The Mirror (Podcast)

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When being a Misfit goes wrong. (Podcast)!25205 We finally broke down and purchased a proper smartwatch. As a result, we review the first generation Vapor by Misfit. Find out if its any good. Fragrance of the week: Luna Rossa Sport by Prada Music by AOAO Music IG: @websterstyle Twitter: @websterstyle Drop us a line


Why chivalry should be part of a gentleman’s anatomy. (Podcast)!f16c4 Is chivalry out of date by today's standards? Did feminism kill it? Being a gentleman is as much about being the living embodiment of timeless style as it is about embodying timeless sense and sensibilities. Find out why chivalry is and should be a core tenant of any one desires to live as… Continue reading Why chivalry should be part of a gentleman’s anatomy. (Podcast)