Frag Quickie: Sauvage by @Dior

Frag Quickie: Sauvage by @Dior Top: Reggio Bergamot Middle: Sichuan Pepper Base: Ambroxan This is admittedly one that I have yet to try. I think there is a general lack of enthusiasm to try it due to the fact that it has been reviewed up the wazoo across social media and the resulting hype because… Continue reading Frag Quickie: Sauvage by @Dior


Frag Quickie: Ferragamo F Black

Top: Lavender Middle: Black Pepper & Coriander Base: Labdanum & Tonka Bean This flanker of Ferragamo F is a spicy aromatic fragrance that quickly opens with a sweet floral lavender note and then you are soon smacked in the face (in a good way) with spiciness of the black pepper ad coriander. As it dries down to reveal its base notes… Continue reading Frag Quickie: Ferragamo F Black