Style Icons: Nat King Cole

I remember seeing reruns of The Nat King Cole show as a child. I lumped it into the same category as I did the reruns of The Ed Sullivan show and similar shows from this era that were in syndication in the 80s, they were ok, but they never captivated me. It was not until… Continue reading Style Icons: Nat King Cole


The Playlist: Quarantine Music w/ The Black Eyed Peas

While the quarantine that resulted from to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic gave me the opportunity to discover music by artists that I would not normally listen to, this is not one of those discoveries. I had never been the biggest Black Eyed Peas (BEP) fan but did appreciate and vibe with a lot of their… Continue reading The Playlist: Quarantine Music w/ The Black Eyed Peas


Uptown Champ: The Legacy of Andre Harrell and Champ Boxers (Podcast)!951f6 We take a brief moment to look back on the life and impact of music legend Andre Harrell and to discuss underwear with a review of Champ boxers. Champ Boxers Music by AOAO Music IG: @websterstyle Twitter: @websterstyle Drop us a line