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Poshmark, Retro Gaming Wishes, & Zaharoff

The Sartorial and Geek Podcast is a podcast about bow ties, comics, and everything in-between. This week we talk about the experience of "discovering" Poshmark, retro gaming Christmas wishes, and why Zaharoff Signature Pour Homme is the current go to fragrance. Find us: @websterstyle (Instagram & Twitter) Music by AOAO Music


WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches

Veteran owned Seventeenth watches strive to offer a design aesthetic that is inspired by simplicity. Each style offered by Seventeenth watches is carefully designed to exhibit a uniqueness and classic beauty. Seventeenth strives to be a pioneer in watchmaking style by creating a union between simplicity and class. The company is constantly developing its brand and is carving a… Continue reading WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches

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The Playlist: BulletProof Love via @LukeCage & MethodMan

This past weekend was spent binge watching Marvel's newest offering on Netflix, the unbelievable show that is Luke Cage. Music is used as a vital part of the storytelling in Marvel's Luke Cage to convey an overall feel and mood of the show. The use of music in mood setting and storytelling in Luke Cage is… Continue reading The Playlist: BulletProof Love via @LukeCage & MethodMan