WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches

Veteran owned Seventeenth watches strive to offer a design aesthetic that is inspired by simplicity. Each style offered by Seventeenth watches is carefully designed to exhibit a uniqueness and classic beauty. Seventeenth strives to be a pioneer in watchmaking style by creating a union between simplicity and class. The company is constantly developing its brand and is carving a… Continue reading WSM Spotlight: Seventeenth Watches


Webster Spotlight: Michael Davenport & Mishoe Neckwear

From Charm City to The Wire, Baltimore is synonymous with the gritty stereotype of the American inner city. In a blue collar town best known for civil unrest, steamed crabs, and sports birds of all sorts, one man is working to have Baltimore become known for its style as well. As the creator behind Mishoe Neckwear,… Continue reading Webster Spotlight: Michael Davenport & Mishoe Neckwear


Stylish 3 For Under $30 (May 2016) ft @sprezzabox @brickellmen & @dion12_hopkins

In life we strive to be the best selves that we can be. For many, part of this mantra extends to presenting our best selves to the world around us by dressing well. Unfortunately dressing well is often times synonymous with spending lots of your hard-earned dollars. Contrary to popular belief, there are many affordable… Continue reading Stylish 3 For Under $30 (May 2016) ft @sprezzabox @brickellmen & @dion12_hopkins