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The Apple Watch: Apple watches as the rest of the smartwatch field runs for cover.

We have covered smartwatches before and have not been coy about our admiration and perceived usability of this category of device. With a market that only sold an estimated 1 million units in 2014, Apple has now in one day become the default king of the category as day one presales are estimated to be in the 2 million range.


Talking Tech with @WilliamMapp3 on @Biztechinsider

We had the pleasure of being a guest on Briefcase Radio on this past Sunday with host and developer William Mapp of BizTechInsider and The Sync fame. EIC Elden Hawkes and Herlen Bess talked with William about small business security, the mobile summer, and Target's Christmas Massacre. Check it out for great tips to keep your data secure and to find… Continue reading Talking Tech with @WilliamMapp3 on @Biztechinsider

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iPhone 5: A Gold Standard Tarnished?

Gold is precious, valuable, and most of all sought after. It is the standard to which all else is compared to. The gold standard is one that can define an industry as well as an economy. Once upon a time, the iPhone was the gold standard to which all other smartphones were judged. Now with… Continue reading iPhone 5: A Gold Standard Tarnished?