Frag Quickie: I.Utopia by IO.KO 1954

Oriental/Woody Top: Damask Rose, Saffron, Spicy Notes, & Oud Middle: Jasmine, Patchouli, & Leather Base: Precious Woods, Amber, & White Musk Very rarely do you get a fragrence that reveals each layer as explicitly as I.Utopia. The initial spray was dominated by the rose and Oud. It then gently revealed the saffron and spicy notes….

Frag Quickie: I.Egocentric by IO.KO 1954

Top: Incense, Ginger, Fruity Notes Middle: Rose Absolute, Myrrh, Osmanthus Base: Leather, Tobacco, Benzoin The opening, especially the ginger was very eye opening. I feel like the middle notes of rose absolute and osmanthus tend to get over powered by the myrrh and lingering top note incense. Due to the potency of the top and…