Style Icon: Sammy Davis Jr.

Growing up, the only celebrity's style that I wanted to emulate was Michael Jackson. As a child of the 80s, you cannot really blame me because the King of Pop was everywhere at that time. During this time, I was exposed to icons like Cab Callaway, Nat King Cole, and Sammy Davis, Jr., but never… Continue reading Style Icon: Sammy Davis Jr.


Reflecting on the Milestones of Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond.

The passage of one's journey through time and space are marked by many milestones. These milestones are fixed points on that journey which highlight significant events. Milestones are important because their very occurrence can impact change within a lifespan, becoming icons for decisions that were made, loves that were lost, and regrets that were had. When… Continue reading Reflecting on the Milestones of Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond.


A Milestone Loss

In many ways the early 90's could be considered a milestone in comics. It saw the rise of the “anti” hero, the formation of Image, and ushered in major inroads in the diversification of comics and the media in general. This turning point in the medium could arguably be the publishing of Milestone Media's line… Continue reading A Milestone Loss