Quarantine Lookbook Week 22: The Beat Goes On

A new week progresses. Building a yearning to flee. To escape these walls. What once was seen as inviting... A refuge from the world. Now closing in. Mid week brings a needed isolation. Shutting out the world. Bring focus, Clearer thoughts... Peace. The Week In Fragrances     IG & Twitter: @websterstyle Podcast: The Sartorial… Continue reading Quarantine Lookbook Week 22: The Beat Goes On


Anatomy of a Gentleman: Chivalry

Many years ago I questioned if chivalry was indeed dead. My conclusion was that it wasn't dead but it was certainly in need of resuscitation as for many the very notion was seen as archaic. As sad as that realization was, it only stressed the importance modern day gentleman to be the embodiment of timeless… Continue reading Anatomy of a Gentleman: Chivalry

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A Gentleman’s Agreement for Happy Hour

The Gentleman's Agreement is a cocktail that equal parts sweet and firm. Its equal composition of whiskey, orange liqueur, and sweet vermouth gives a full body flavor and a heck of a punch. INGREDIENTS 3-4 ice cubes 1 oz Whiskey 1  oz orange liqueur 1 sweet vermouth 1 orange peel INSTRUCTIONS In a shaker, shake ingredients… Continue reading A Gentleman’s Agreement for Happy Hour