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Carrion: Its Fun To Be The Monster (Review)

My favorite horror movie is John Carpenter's 1982 remake of The Thing. Carpenter is a master when it comes to creating a terrifying mood in the isolation of the Antarctic. Even after almost 40 years, the practical effects are still a sight to be seen. In movies like The Thing, the humans are but cannon… Continue reading Carrion: Its Fun To Be The Monster (Review)

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Only A Fan 4 Streets Of Rage (Podcast)!e6728 Onlyfans has exploded during the pandemic of 2020. While many are joining to make extra money, they are not thinking about the potential drawbacks of their newly founded enterprises. We also look at the retro gaming renaissance with the release of the new classic that is Streets of Rage 4. Fragrance of the week:… Continue reading Only A Fan 4 Streets Of Rage (Podcast)

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Quarantine Gaming: My Top 5

Quarantine has gotten us all down, but it has also given us time to do a lot of the things that we always say we never have time to do, like gaming. I myself have found myself gaming more than usual however I haven't been gaming as much as I thought I would be doing the COVID-19 quarantine. Even… Continue reading Quarantine Gaming: My Top 5