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Crossing finally returns with two new issues.

  After two years of waiting, one of my favorite comics Crossing has finally returned. After successfully launching the Kickstarter for issue 1 and delivering in 2016, fans like myself have been salivating for more of this story. The agony of waiting that fan have had to suffer through is now over as Red Stylo… Continue reading Crossing finally returns with two new issues.

Culture, Sartorial And Geek

The Bookshelf: Crossing by @red_stylo

One of the things that we love about the literary medium is its ability to tell a story with a host of assorted characters in unique situations. One of the greatest aspects of comics is that these stories are told with not only a writer's words, but also with the artist's pencils and inks. Sometimes… Continue reading The Bookshelf: Crossing by @red_stylo

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WSM Podcast #14: Discount Codes and BCC

Download Here In this episode we travel back to Baltimore Comic Con to revisit our conversations with creators Enrica Jang and Sarah Coleman. We also stopped in on JADS International to find out about their new Stan Lee inspired fragrance. Finally we talk a little style as Tie Society is offering a discount for new… Continue reading WSM Podcast #14: Discount Codes and BCC