The Playlist: Unexpected Soul

Music enters the ear and stirs the soul, its passions and its imagination. In today’s modern musical era, the packaging of an artist can be just as important to success as the artist’s music itself. However music isn’t that dissimilar from the rest of life, as looks often can be deceiving. Checkout these artists  who […]

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Women of Webster: Jasmine Diaz

With over ten years of entertainment industry experience, Jasmine Diaz has worked in various sectors of the business from artist management, to music marketing, to accounting. Her work with the National Association of Record Industry Professional (NARIP) as Director of Marketing, and the Georgia Entertainment Association (GEA) as Music Advisory Board Member gave her the […]

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Women of Webster: Nahla Nicole

Nahla Nicole is a native Virginian who grew up admiring models of color  such as Naomi, Tyra, and Iman. This admiration allowed her to blossom out of her shell, as her desire to step in front of the camera grew. When that opportunity came, shooting in front of the camera became an instant passion. As […]

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5 Simple Rules For Dating Women

Dating is most likely the hardest activity any male will encounter in their life. Dealing with and understanding women is a skill that every man will spend a lifetime learning, but is one that we will never master. The following “Rules” are designed to make dating and relationships just a bit more manageable. Rule 1: […]

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