Reflecting on the Milestones of Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond.

The passage of one's journey through time and space are marked by many milestones. These milestones are fixed points on that journey which highlight significant events. Milestones are important because their very occurrence can impact change within a lifespan, becoming icons for decisions that were made, loves that were lost, and regrets that were had. When… Continue reading Reflecting on the Milestones of Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond.


Fall 2013 Movie Preview

Pop Culture Uncovered

Well the summer blockbusters are past us and if you missed it, don’t fret because most will be out on Blu-ray/DVD soon if not already.  As a matter of fact The Great Gatsby just came out last week.  But as the weather starts to cool down let’s look at some of the fall and winter movies that are coming and whether or not you should go see! If you aren’t going to see, I know I am.

By all means regardless of the weather see these movies

Ok, I will be honest, not a lot made my list as it’s hard for movies to create a buzz where I feel like I absolutely feel like I must run to see these but if I had to, I would go see these:

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Ok sure we can all argue about the fact that 1.) there is no…

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