Perceptions of Femininity: A Diamond in the Rough

Behind her eyes, Lies a brilliance… She doesn’t realize its there. Shining bright in the darkness- Captivating those that see… It’s brilliance. A superficial casting of light- Refracting through every facet. Never looking deeper, Missing the turmoil that resides… In the soul. Capturing hearts and minds… With but a wink and smile. Inside… Searching for…

Perceptions of Femininity: Parler Francais

Uniquely defined,Yet out of place.Masks…Hide what is blatantly displayed-Beauty,Creativity,An elegance like none other.Neon colors…Spark the imagination.Every movement tells a story.Designing a custom experience,That speaks…To the heart,Touches the souls,Ignites desires.Mise-en-SceneHidden by a mask.Dripping with the emotion of an artist…Screaming to be heard. 2020 IG & Twitter: @websterstyle Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style