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Crossing finally returns with two new issues.

  After two years of waiting, one of my favorite comics Crossing has finally returned. After successfully launching the Kickstarter for issue 1 and delivering in 2016, fans like myself have been salivating for more of this story. The agony of waiting that fan have had to suffer through is now over as Red Stylo… Continue reading Crossing finally returns with two new issues.

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Finally saw Justice League and its not that bad.

So finally watched #JusticeLeague. It was enjoyable but generic. That's sad because it really should have been a special movie. Here are some thoughts: Pros: 1. Gal Gadot is awesome as #WonderWoman 2. Henry Cavil as #Superman is growing on me. 3. Jason Mamoa as #Aquaman is great casting! 4. Ezra Klein was good with… Continue reading Finally saw Justice League and its not that bad.


Comics and Their Reflection on Society

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One of the best parts about being a comic book lover is the escapism they sometimes provide. Comics have told stories about mere mortals who can fly, swing from building to building, as well as garnering other breathtaking abilities. What has always been somewhat confounding, though, is that when issues facing the world become front and center in the headlines, there have been a few comic book fans that fully expect that these issues stay out of comics. For some, comics is their safe space and issues of the world should not affect the latest installment of Superman’s fight against Zod, or Spider-man trying to foil Doc Ock’s latest plot.

The problem is, many comic book fans seem to forget that comics, as well as nearly all forms of entertainment from gaming to movies, have at some point or another been a mirror of the sociopolitical climate that we live…

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