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Perceptions of Femininity: Soleil

 TimelessA classic example…Beauty in the flesh.A beauty that-Gave men comfort in times of war.That make little boys yearn to be men.Yet behind the exterior,Lies a soul…Mature,Nurturing.Emblematic of a time gone by.A timeless personification-Femininity,Beauty,Womanhood!Pinup for all to see. 2020IG & Twitter: @websterstyle Podcast: The Sartorial & Geek Podcast by Webster Style 

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Short Takes: Blade Runner The Final Cut

Blade Runner is one of the most revered science fiction classics of the 80s if not of all time. I had always had an interest in seeing it, but for whatever reason had never taken the opportunity to sit down and watch it. The recent release of the sequel Blade Runner 2049 only served to… Continue reading Short Takes: Blade Runner The Final Cut


The Happy Hour: Revisiting the Manhattan

My travel schedule has been at all time high as I've seen the inside of more hotel rooms in the past 6 months than I have in the past six years. One particular evening on my last business trip I found myself at the hotel bar for a nitecap. There on the special menu I… Continue reading The Happy Hour: Revisiting the Manhattan