Is a Lapel Flower a Bit Too much?

In my experience, wearing a lapel flower tends to draw more compliments than usual. On one occasion a compliment was given by a passerby but was then followed by a comment that the individual felt that they couldn't wear one because it’s just too flashy for them. That made me stop to think, is a… Continue reading Is a Lapel Flower a Bit Too much?

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The Style Fix: February 2015 ft. @pebble, @timberwatches, @houseofcards, @gentlemenhood, @killshakespeare, & @Bacrelli

One of the great things about the internet is that you have so much information at your fingertips. This access to information is a great way to discover new ideas and items, in addition to enjoying those things that we have discovered in the past. The Style Fix is a presentation of new and current discoveries of the past month that have us captivated.


Women of Webster: Jillian Ashley of @MY_VintageWorld

Jillian Ashley is Washington DC native who protrays many different identities. Auntie, sister, daughter, and public servant are just a few of her many facets. An expert in bioinformatics and biotechnology by trade, her favorite identity is that of J. Ashley proprietor of Vintage World Rocks. Vintage World Rock( is an online store that features vintage Clothing, Accessories and Books that… Continue reading Women of Webster: Jillian Ashley of @MY_VintageWorld