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We don’t need a black Superman!

While I was not the biggest fan of Man of Steel, I will always say that Henry Cavil's portrayal of Superman is my second favorite after the iconic Christopher Reeve. With DC's movie vision in flux and moving away from the DCEU as we know it (even with the critical success of the Snyder Cut),… Continue reading We don’t need a black Superman!

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Long Live The King! (Podcast)!23cca This week we reflect on the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman. We talk about not just the cultural impact of his passing, but also how it impacts personally.  We also look at our fragrance of the week: Spices Oud by Rirana Parfume. Fragrance of the week: Spices Oud by Rirana Parfume Music by AOAO Music IG: @websterstyle… Continue reading Long Live The King! (Podcast)

Sartorial And Geek, Style

The Legacy of Tron (Podcast)!3bdbf A random dive into the abyss of the Disney + library led me to re-watch the unappreciated sequel to the 80s classic Tron.  2010's Tron Legacy is remembered more for its outstanding score by Daft Punk than for being a worthy sequel to a beloved cult classic. Does it deserved to the overlooked or… Continue reading The Legacy of Tron (Podcast)