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The Bookshelf: Crossing by @red_stylo

One of the things that we love about the literary medium is its ability to tell a story with a host of assorted characters in unique situations. One of the greatest aspects of comics is that these stories are told with not only a writer's words, but also with the artist's pencils and inks. Sometimes… Continue reading The Bookshelf: Crossing by @red_stylo


Webster Style Spotlight: Creator Focused at @BaltimoreComics 2013

There certainly wasn't a shortage of creators at the 2013 Baltimore Comic Con. The artist ally was well stocked with a wide range of artist and their assorted properties. While there we were able talk with a few creators to get to highlight some of their newest properties. First up is Enrica Jang of Red Stylo Media. Some… Continue reading Webster Style Spotlight: Creator Focused at @BaltimoreComics 2013


The Bookshelf: Top 4 of 2011 (Comics Edition)

Kill Shakespeare It should come as no surprise that Kill Shakespeare if on our list as we have been shouting praises for this comic from mountain tops for most of the year. Have you not heard us?  Shakespeare's iconic characters such as Romeo, Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, and Iago continue to dot our literary consciousness even… Continue reading The Bookshelf: Top 4 of 2011 (Comics Edition)