The Happy Hour: Aviation

The origins of Aviation Cocktail remain rather murky. Some sources, such as David Wondrich’s “Imbibe!”, tell it was first printed in a 1916 book by Hugo Ensslin called “Recipes for Mixed Drinks”. Aviation has established itself as a popular mixture over the years and recently was dubbed one of the classics for aficionado imbibers. INGREDIENTS […]

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Our Favorite Bowtie Designers of 2013 ft. @qpcollections, @ella_bing, @chesapeaketides, & @kingkravate

As you can figure, we here at Webster Style really love our bow ties. We have had the pleasure of spotlighting many quality designers over the past year. Here are a few of our favorite bow tie designers  from 2013. 1. QP Collections  ( We had the pleasure of sampling some of QP Collections’ bow ties […]

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Reflecting on the Milestones of Comics, Pop Culture, and Beyond.

The passage of one’s journey through time and space are marked by many milestones. These milestones are fixed points on that journey which highlight significant events. Milestones are important because their very occurrence can impact change within a lifespan, becoming icons for decisions that were made, loves that were lost, and regrets that were had. When […]

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